Urine Testing 
Urine testing is another method that is available by The Quay. This can provided rapid onsite results with 5 minutes of the collection a sample, this enabling our customers to assess the possible risk that a donor might pose to a child, partner or themselves. 
Urine analysis provides a cheap and quick method of drug detection but will only give a history of 1-4 days use in most illicit drugs and up to 28 days for Cannabis use. 
Rapid Sample Collections Service 
Speeding up the process is not only more convenient but also critical to the outcome of some 
cases, such as an employment tribunal or when dealing with proceedings for child custody. If your firm/company requires a collection within 30-60 minutes* please dial 07828791078 - 07921186598 or if you fail to connect, Email “Rapid” with your contact details to info@thequayaddictionservices.co.uk and we will call you back within 10 minutes to arrange your request. 
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